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youre worth it book

You’re Worth it

$12 incl GST

This book has been specially written for young girls (10-16 yrs.) and women to discover their immeasurable worth.

It is written in a way that will inspire all women to live their worth.

With both reflection and journal questions, this book is a fantastic purchase and a great gift.

women of worth cups


$20 incl GST

Reusable coffee cup, available in selected colours.

women of worth pens


$3 incl GST, each

Buy 1 or all 4 for a worthy cause.

Gloss, aluminum barrel ballpoint pen with silver accents and black stylus.


$10 incl GST

Notebook with 80 leaves (160 pages) of lined paper and a hard cover. It has an elastic closure band and a bookmark ribbon.

Dimensions: 14cm x 21cm 

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