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We work alongside women for the change they want

Women of Worth is a charity providing ways, founded on personal worth, for women to make the changes they desire in their lives.

The meaning of “worth” in the work of WOW

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines “worth” as “The value or merit of someone or something”.

At WOW, we are concerned about the worth of people. Permanent, unchanging worth is internal; it is inborn and found within. Temporary, changeable worth is external; it arises out of the world around us.

We call the worth that is found within, Core Worth. But that’s not to say we ignore the realities attached to the worth the world assigns to people.

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Core Worth: A gift to be accepted and appreciated

Life’s circumstances can lead to self-doubt and a low sense of self-worth, making it difficult to see and develop personal strengths and abilities and to get the most out of life.

At WOW, we encourage people to accept and appreciate their Core Worth as a precious unchanging gift, because it is not something to be earned. Indeed, it cannot be earned. It’s also freeing to realise that this worth will always be with us and is not at risk because of circumstances. It helps to be grounded in our Core Worth, and not to be over-reliant on the worth assigned by the world.

The support-based training and mentoring used in providing our programmes and services is dynamic and adaptable to the changing needs of any group. Our personalised approach uses strategies and steps that support women of every age and stage to:

  • Know their worth
  • Identify their strengths and abilities
  • Focus on their personal growth and the changes that might involve
  • Set clear, achievable goals to get to where they want to go.

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